Entertaining Tales and occasional ‘name dropping’

Talk to the Band is a seasonal podcast where Mark Yeldham interviews a different musician each episode. Some of our guests are artists that you will instantly recognise, and some are musicians whose names you may not know but they've performed with artists and bands that you grew up listening to.

There are so many amazing musicians who have helped shape contemporary music as we know it, the "unsung heroes" who don't always get the credit they deserve, and they all have entertaining and interesting stories to share.

Our hope is that not only will you get to know our guests a little better, but you'll be introduced to songs and other genres of music that you may not previously have known about and listened to.



About the Host

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Mark Yeldham


Here's a little bit about me....

I love music! I pretty much live and breathe music, and I love to share my passion for music with others.

I'm a musician, a piano and keyboard teacher, a primary school music teacher at Lee Chapel Primary School, and of course a podcaster! Yay!

I listen to all types from Classical right through to Soul, Motown, Rock, Funk and the latest chart music.

I was classically trained through the music grades in Piano and Trumpet, and my favourite instrument to play is piano and keyboards, but I also enjoy playing Trumpet, Guitar (badly), Ukulele (not as badly as I play guitar) and of course being a music teacher I play recorder, glockenspiel and pretty much any thing that you can make a noise with and annoy the neighbours!