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Lockdown lifesaver!

As a singer in lockdown with no gigs I’ve been after time-fillers, and particularly those that connect me back to what I love doing. The episodes in this podcast are around 20 minutes long which is great for someone like me who doesn’t have the greatest attention span. I love a good podcast but my heart always sinks when I see something is an hour and a half long, I just switch off - so this is perfect. The content is great too, I love that you’re hearing from those in the business that are the support guys, the musicians, the backing singers, some who had a small taste of fame. These are stories you won’t normally hear. Someone will just casually throw in that they played with Prince or jammed with Freddie Mercury. I’m really enjoying this podcast and looking forward to new episodes. Keep them coming!

Great show, loving the interviews

Some really good guests on this show, they may not be names you necessarily recognise but really interesting and entertaining stories. Good job they are only 20ish minutes because time really flies when listening to these.


Loved the episodes with Russell Gilbrook and Trevor Newnham, really interesting stories - can’t wait to listen to more